OK, maybe too strong a word. It was time to dive into my refrigerator…freezer, actually, to pull out some of the provisions I’d bought over the past few months and actually use them, rather than act like a mockingbird in the grocery and attracted by whatever most recently got my juices flowing. Maybe it was a recent cover of Cucina Italiana or some recipe on epicurious.com…I’m a slut for nice looking dishes.

But tonight I had a few frozen chicken thighs which I pulled out to defrost. From the freezer to the fridge for 9 hours hardly put a dent in their frozen nature so into the microwave for a quick defrost. I looked at the recipe again over at about.com. Chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and garlic with a basil garnish. Huh, sounded like it might be good.

I pulled out my lone, surviving cazuela and added some olive oil and heated up the surface: added the garlic, a pinch of salt, and the sun-dried tomatoes and cooked them as a sauté for a few minutes.



Removed them, and added the newly defrosted chicken thighs. Skinless, they still ‘browned a bit, and some twenty minutes later they were finished, I sprinkled some torn basil over the pieces and my wife and I tried them out with some rice.


Meh. The garlic, tomatoes and basil were all rather flavorful, but the meat, while cooked well enough, was simply…well, flavorless. In retrospect I can’t really blame the recipe for this, but the chicken…wow, NO flavor.

I have a vague recollection that I bought this meat at a local Hispanic meat market with pretty low prices, but if the meat is otherwise safe, and the price is right, then WTF as far as the chicken flavor missing?

Someday I might throw this in the ring again, but this experience is going to really make me think about my sourcing a bit more seriously.