When my wife texted me wondering about dinner tonight, she suggested a stir-fry of the leftover Chinese food we had eaten the previous night at Great China in downtown Berkeley. A commendable notion as who she left for work, she forgot to bring the leftovers–wok-fried lamb and the Bok Choy with shiitakes.

How about rack of lamb, gratin daphinoise, and roasted asparagus?

I think I trumped her suggestion.

I had really enjoyed the lamb dish from Great China which we had shared, so I thought revisiting lamb again would be fun, so I started off with two ribs individually cut and frenched, then thought better–no, two each–not much meat on those bones.

Of course, things got slowed down considerably when I opted for the potato dish– I made a quick roux with butter and flour, added some milk and a bit of gruyere, and smeared it between layers of the yellow Finn potatoes I had in the refrigerator and put them in the little gratin dish for about 45 minutes. Some twenty minutes later I put in the seasoned asparagus stalks and both should be ready I about 8 minutes.

Now is the time to pull the lamb out of the refrigerator and season it with salt, pepper, and rosemary. I’m told 3 to 3 1/2 minutes per side for a nice rare meat, and I hope its about right. I gave it 4, and hit the other side about 3 1/2 minutes. The scent of lamb and rosemary filled the room.


God, they looked so good, and the timing was nearly perfect. A bit medium rare, but absolutely delicious-looking.

The potatoes done in daphinoise style (baked with a roux of milk and gruyere) came out just swell.


Meanwhile, the asparagus simply seasoned with salt and pepper and olive oil came out as well at the same time, so all was ready to go at the same time.


This was a great dinner tonight–and I was pleased that the lamb came out so perfectly. I attribute it to my increased familiarity with meat cookery as well as checking on general cooking time for lamb.

As I said…great meal!