Mother’s Day was tomorrow, and my wife traditionally expects See’s chocolate-covered almond clusters for that day, but I dropped the ball. At noon I realized that I had to get something sweet for her but waiting in line at a See’s Candies on the day before Mother’s Day just wasn’t gonna happen.

I bought a pound of unsalted, roasted almonds as well as a handful of salted almonds, then got a pound of Guittard’s milk chocolate. Melt the chocolate, dump the almonds in, spoon it out. Refrigerate for twenty minutes.

Taste is delicious, though the chocolate gets a bit melty on the fingers. This could be because I usually use dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. Not sure what I can do about that. Possibly tempering the chocolate. Next time.

We both figure sticky fingers with chocolate on them is a worthwhile price to pay for these delicious little morsels.