Wifey bought me a new cookbook the other day, The Adobo Road Cookbook by Marvin Gapultos who is also the blogger at Burnt Lumpia. If you have any questions about Filipino cuisine, this is an excellent first stop.

Filipino food. Great food. Delicious. Satisfying on so many levels, but…but…there is the generalized concern about high sodium, sometime high cholesterol, etc. yah…so what? There is a work around, and that is–to be creative and try to be as adaptive as possible, while still trying to be as close to the culinary roots as possible. Also–don’t eat it every day for god’s sake!


An unusual adobo. Bacon and Mushroom Adobo. Cremini mushrooms, bacon (I ended up with some smoked beef bacon), and the usual suspects got an adobo: vinegar, soy sauce, and a bit of pepper. And bay leaf. Very simple and tasty…OMIGOD. Wife, a true Filipina were floored by the taste sensation. Hey, I can read a recipe ok?

Reheated jasmine rice. Well, you need a carb to mix with it, of course.

Adding to this was Ginisang Baguio Beans with shallots, garlic, and a bit of oyster sauce. A quick parboil, a quick sauté, and they were ready.

So, with rice, a vegetable, and an adobo-ified mix of mushroom and bacon, what could add? Nothing, of course.

Which is why I added a few slices of hamachi (yellowtail) sashimi for my wife along with some pickled ginger and for me, some uni. Whoa. Good, but too rich, and couldn’t finish all of the sea urchin. No problem.

I also remade the April In Paris cocktail for my wife with slightly less pear vodka this time–just like when we had dinner at Cafe de la Presse in San Francisco last week. Absolutely perfect.

So…I’ve discovered Filipino food again, and look forward to working it into my retinue of recipes. Good night!