Today was rather delightful in a weird way–it was raining intermittently throughout the day, though never torrential, and as this dry state of ours this year certainly needs the rain, it was nice to have.

I walked over to Local 123 for a couple of poached eggs on toast and a cortado (very nicely presented and tasted great, too), and while there I noticed a woman with a book on her table titled California Cuisine and Just Food, a surprisingly pointed book touching on issues that are interesting to me. We talked foodie topics for a moment and I left to catch the bus to Kaiser where I could pick up my meds.


After some window shopping, some lengthy walks to reach bus stops, I got home later in the afternoon where I set upon our bedroom with strong intention to tidy it up, do some sorting, and get the place looking livable again.

After I made dinner, a quickly concocted mix of pickled veggies, seared shrimp, lettuce, avocado, and sliced hard-boiled egg came together to be a banh mi sandwich, which was simple and tasty, I started out on a few food projects.


First, a Hazelnut cake…made with coconut flour for a switch up. Just a little 8-inch wide cake, nary an inch high, so I opted to add some chocolate ganache to it.


I also decided to do duck confit again, as the last effort was such a salty fail. This time I’m using the original recipe I had and will more carefully watch how long it marinates for: no more three day marination marathons.


So a fairly productive day. For those twelve of you who might wonder what my refrigerator looks like, here is a shot and as you probably can’t see the detail, here is a partial list of what’s in there.

Lime Juice Concentrate (Sadaf manufacturer, found at the local middle eastern market) and for those locally in California, you will have noticed the cost if limes having shot up lately. 59c apiece or more!
Ponzu Sauce, an Asian citrusy-savory sauce commonly used in Japan, now my wife’s latest go-to sauce…for anything.
Creme Fraiche, of course. I’ll always have some of this– great for baked eggs, general baking, and thickening sauces.
Duck Fat in a plastic jar. Well, doesn’t everyone?
Gochujang Pepper Sauce very common in Korea, a spicy pepper spread sweetened often with dates. Great on eggs, most anything you want to punch up with a bit of sweet and spicy.
Hazelnut Oil from La Tourangelle. Great stuff; makes vinaigrettes much more interesting. Good through the end of this month, I see.
Piparras (Matiz) a long, skinny, mildly hot pickled pepper common in Spain. I can down half a bottle without breathing hard, and they are remarkably low calorie, as well!

Last Friday, a gorgeously sunny day requiring tee-shirts was day 1 of my entry into gardening again, and it seems to be a bit greener and…fluffier? Maybe? It’s been a week of growth in the garden tower so far.