Not sure where this is a going, my friends; saw this recipe in Olive magazine, a British publication at the Bowl which intrigued me. Called for pork sausage mixed with Sage, rolled into balls and fried, then introduced into an onion and butternut squash mix cooked with broth.

OK, I decided to use some Aidell’s chicken mango sausages because…well, the wife likes mango and she’s not a fan of pork sausage, at least those that are flavored Italian-style with fennel (more pity that). So how this whole shebang is gonna turn out is anyone’s guess. Mango and chicken go nicely with Sage…supposedly, but how it will all work out?

Start by browning the sausage with a bit of minced Sage, remove and cook up the minced onion. Add the butternut squash and brown. Add back the sausage and some chicken broth, cook till soft and tender. Sprinkle some fried sage leaves, crumbly over the whole thing.



I wondered how it would turn out. Wife rather liked it–and I thought it was certainly ok. Not crazy wonderful, but more than adequate for a weeknight.