With the remainders of the baking dish that had roasted the duck legs, I scraped together the drippings and rendered duck fat which I thought might make a nice addition to a morning omelet. As it turned out, I had a few small fingerling potatoes so I opted to make a morning tortilla Espanola of eggs, potato, and onions in my smallest cast iron skillet; a 5″ wide puppy so perfectly seasoned that it puts to shame any nonstick out there.

Cooked beautifully but–agh! Incredibly too salty! Even for me who will muscle through due to hunger…couldn’t finish more than a bite or two. All of which makes me nervous about the duck legs I roasted. The actual salt used in this marinade wasn’t even quite as much as what I usually use, but now I’m concerned that those duck legs perhaps sat in the marinade too long. At least a day longer than preferred. Did that extra marinating time allow for too much salt to be absorbed? Will those duck marylands be inedible? Stay tuned.

For dinner I dropped in quickly at Mi Tierra groceries and bought a half-pound of tiger shrimp, peeled, with the thought of making gambas al Ajillo in the typical Spanish style. I sautéed sliced garlic, then added the shrimp, lemon juice, and sherry and cooked till pink. Seasoned with salt and pepper and minced parsley.

Absolutely perfect; and served in little cazuelas for a nice visual touch of authenticity. The shrimp were succulent and flavorful. Had to make up for the horrendous morning salt explosion.

Still nervous about the duck legs. Will have to try one out tonight.