Regular readers know I have a thing for duck. This morning, as I have about six breasts in the freezer, I pulled one out to thaw through the day and while on my break at work, figured out what sauce to make.

As wifey had been belaboring me for days about putting some tropical elements like ginger etc. into my cooking, I thought that a Mango Coconut Reduction for a sauce might serve. Starting with some rendered duck fat, I added some minced garlic and shallot, followed shortly by a bit of minced ginger, and then nearly a cup of coconut milk. A small splash of lime juice followed.

Sauces for duck breast typically follow with some basic ingredients–a fat, some strong spirit, something sweet and something acidic. I added the Frangelico to the mix in the skillet and just continued to cook it down while the duck breast rested.

In another pan I seared the polenta in some remaining duck fat, and then sliced up some heirloom tomatoes unadorned onto the plate. For wine the remainder of a Stone Cellars merlot which was competent enough for a weeknight but otherwise unmemorable. But it suited, as who wants to drop $10 every other night or more for a weeknight dinner. Certainly not me.

Wifey was mildly confused by the flavors, and I knew she wasn’t a polenta fan, but she found that the mango coconut sauce worked nicely to make the polenta more palatable to her. Yes, Chris–don’t forget to add polenta to THE LIST.

Interesting to note that while chewing down tonight, I had four Maryland duck legs roasting away in the oven at a low temperature. Beautiful Muscovy duck legs! Quite huge compared to Pekins. They’ll be ready in another hour and then will remain in the fridge for a few weeks, sitting nicely preserved in their own fat for an occasion.

We’ve been meaning to ask a couple of my wife’s cousins’ kids over for dinner one night, one of whom is a line cook in SF at the Universal Cafe. Maybe Atid and Bruno will be able to make it, as well.