Here’s where some amazing tastes get started. My stovetop, with a bunch of cast iron pots. The small 10″ cast iron skillet was for the steak, the smaller Scanpan (not castiron) for the morel sauce, and the Dutch oven in the background for the sautéed spinach.

Of course, it kinda got started on Friday when I saw those gorgeous morel mushrooms at the Berkeley Bowl West produce and thought that they would go nicely in some form of sauce on a steak.

I got a nice pound steak of London Broil, a cup of morel mushrooms, a nice fat yam, and a head of spinach. I seasoned the steak.


While the yam baked in the oven, I started on the sauce with butter and leeks, and soon the salt, pepper, nutmeg and parsley. White wine, reduced, and then some Dijon mustard and a bit of heavy cream.


While the sauce reduced, I started on the steak, and plopped it in a hot skillet beside the reducing sauce.


Then the steak browned nicely. Woo. (Secret fact; London Broil is best served pretty rare and the extra five minutes I allowed it in the oven wasn’t a good thing—but the morel sauce saved it thank god)


Thankfully, other than the steak was slightly too cooked for its cut, was a big hit with the picky wife. I was really happy with how it all came out–creamy yam with a whisp of butter, moist spinach, and a very tasty sauce on a nice cut of steak…best served rare…but I’ll get better at cooking new cuts.