It starts with a walk home.

I had bought a nice cut of London Broil, enough morel mushrooms to make a nice cream sauce for it $36/lb for the #%$@ing mushrooms), a bunch of spinach, and a yam to make some purée. And it had been a long day.

“Do you want this steak dinner with spinach and yam without dessert or would you like a couple of tacos from Casa Latina and leave me time to make dessert?”. She looked at me and said: dessert.

“I bought some Afghan bolani and some sauce”, she said. “Make dessert”.

So we walked home and I started on dessert. I had only three apples so I decided to make a slightly smaller width tart than the 9-10″ the recipe called for. The basic highlight of the Classic French Tart Tatin is the fact that the bottom layer of the tart is essentially apple sauce, minced apples with lemon and sugar cooked and then topped with unbaked apples, thinly sliced and fanned out prettily. How cute!

To begin, here is the actual unbaked tartshell filled and ready to bake.


And it follows with a simple apricot glaze. Flavor wise, it was nearly perfect; flaky crust, appley tart, and sweet. Wifey thought it was almost too sweet, even after I reduced the sugar amount. Very tasty. Success.