I prepared all the dry ingredients for standard blueberry muffins last night after doing the dishes, measured out the liquid ingredients, and put them all in the fridge in anticipation of making them in the morning.

A closer look at the recipe showed that I should have creamed the sugar with the butter…which I didn’t, but the results were none the worse for this failing. I simply creamed the butter alone in the mixer, added the wet ingredients, and proceeded normally. All went swimmingly.

Of course, note that I adjusted the menu a bit. I replaced the sour cream with low fat yogurt, the milk with almond</st milk, and used egg replacers with zero cholesterol in place of the two eggs. I also used less sugar than it called for.

Picky wife thought that they were ‘dense’ but still, quite delicious, then had to run out the door at 745AM to catch BART for work.