We’ll be pretty busy this weekend with a big yard sale. We would have a garage sale but, well…we don’t have one. A garage, that is. So right now this Friday is me rooting around the bedrooms pulling things out of our upstairs closets and rooms, etc, collecting and ‘curating’ items to put out onto the yard sale tomorrow…and perhaps Sunday.

I’m putting it off a bit by spending the morning at the Local 123 cafe to lounge and mildly decompress and then to the local library branch to see if there are any cookbooks worth borrowing, as well as their fiction section (I’m a voracious reader).

Consequently, the time to put food onto the table ain’t gonna really happen tonight, though I might make mango and nuts-to-be-determined muffins as some friends will be arriving early, bringing some of their own stuff to sell and having some coffee and warm scones ready for them just seems like a thing to do. Still have to buy coffee, list the yard sale on craigslist, move boxes of stuff downstairs…a busy day off.

But I’m in a writing mood and some odd-off pics require some explanation and never made it into a post for perhaps obvious reasons.

This is your own semi-esteemed blogger at his day job, drinking water to hydrate his bad ol’ self. Drinking lots of water has its benefits (as my wife tirelessly reminds me) so that one might avoid constipation, leg cramps, and other such maladies. (For the record, my leg cramps have minimized lately and constipation occurs only every once in awhile or is that TMI?)


Here is a quickly dispatched pound of honeyed, or I should say agaved cashews (no honey available) which took 15 minutes, roughly. Wifey had wanted some snackables to have around the house for when she came home and dinner wasn’t quite ready. They are tasty enough, but of course the dear one found that she would prefer to have seen some…contrast with an additional flavor. My wife is always honest with me and due to my occasional success in the kitchen, she has come to have higher expectations.

This usually means that if I feel like making a baked potato with a dab of butter, it might fall short of muster. Butter; well, fine. But why not a bit of sautéed greens and pancetta as well? Or maybe sprinkling furikake seasoning over it? I could have sprinkled some gruyere or Parmesan reggiano on it, as well. I have succeeded well enough to need to beat out my own self. I agreed that some acid or citrusy punch would have been enough for contrast. Sigh.

Sometimes a pickle is just a pickle.


Ahh. Any fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation out there? Remember the classic foe the Federation had. The Borg collective? Their cube spacecraft?


Then here in Berkeley is the Cheese Board Collective, a worker-owned cheese and bakery business. So…here is my tribute to these two concepts…

The Cheese Borg Collective (sorry)


Speaking of cheesy art, here is our new sliced cheese chalkboard at the Berkeley Bowl West.


These folks call themselves the Great Tortilla Conspiracy and they do printmaking on…tortillas. Well, why the hell not. Edible ink so here is art that is edible, as well.


And a sample of their work–local San Francisco politician Leland Yee accused of political corruptionimmortalized on a tortilla…at least till hunger sets in.


OK, that should do it. It’s after Noon and I’ve got to get shakin’.