I half expected that tonight I would be dining alone as my wife was spending her vacation week at varied seminars in printmaking. Tonight I planned on making a spicy Panang Beef Curry, using a store-bought curry mix.

Then it all got derailed.

What’s for dinner?” my wife asked on the phone.

Uhh…” I responded wittily. Then one good thing and one not-so-good thing happened. The good thing? I tossed out the store-bought mix and decided to make it from scratch.

The bad? When I put the ingredients together, I was careful to leave out anything spicy. Yah, Thai cuisine but not spicy. Not. At. All. Well, it was reasonably tasty but I’m not as familiar with how Thai is supposed to taste. Overall, wifey found it rather underseasoned (not enough salt) whereas I found it adequately seasoned. Still–there wasn’t any punch, and with Thai I know this–it’s usually an acid hit or a sweet hit, as adding lime or sugar are the more typical ways to adjust the seasoning. She chose to add ponzu sauce to bring up the acidity.

And fearing my wife’s concern about meat undercooked, this flank steak pieces were slightly overcooked resulting in a bit of toughness. Total agreement there. I should have lived with the slight pink I saw, given that flank steak is not the most tender piece of beef.


So there is a bit of extra Panang curry sauce left, sans chiles or heat. I think I’ll spike it up a bit with more spice to make it more ‘real’ and freeze it for the magic day I’ll simply cook it all for me.