I called in sick today; headache, fatigue, and a sore throat. OK, well…I stayed home and rested. Later in the day after a late breakfast and quiet lounging (and a short walk with my wife just to get some air) I started thinking about dinner. Beautiful weather out, and I was pretty sure that I had ground lamb and pita bread.

I did and I didn’t, I learned later.

I mean, some families have ‘taco night’ or ‘pizza night’ and those are both just fine, but stuff yer own pita shell night…well, that’s just Berkeley, I guess.

Taking another short walk to the library to return some books, I continued a short distance to a local middle eastern grocery where I bought ground lamb (I knew I had some at home but it was in the freezer) and at $3.95/lb, you can’t complain too much about any lack of quality (lately I’ve come to be more aware of issues like humane treatment of animals, use of hormones, ‘natural’ meats and all BUT…$3.95/lb is not $8.99/lb where I might have gotten it regularly so yez makes yez choices iz all ize sayin) so along with a tub of yogurt and an onion, a brief stop at the 99c store for some Roma tomatoes I had all I needed to make baked lamb meatballs for my make-your-own-pita stuffing tonight.

I fudged with the recipe and added mint and parsley to the melange that would be the meatballs and 20 minutes later I had 22 little lamb balls, all ready for stuffing.

I looked in the fridge to pull out the pita breads…all gone to blue or dried out. But wait! In the freezer, a small stack of frozen whole wheat pocket breads. Outstanding!

After tasting the lamb balls I realized that they were a bit underseasoned, so adding the marinated feta to the mix of add-ones for the pita stuffing was perfect to take up the salt lack. I cut up some tomatoes, put out some yogurt, julienned some zucchini, and toasted up a few of the mini-whole wheat pita shells.

Along with two small-ish margaritas from the dinner last night, we learned that middle eastern food, warm evenings, and tequila go together quite nicely!