Pardon me as I toot my own #%$&ing horn, but the more somebody does something, the better they probably get at it. When it comes to cooking, making one dish a night is certainly going to progress one’s ability regularly, but doing five or six dishes is going to superspeed one to higher culinary skills. Well, at least I think so.

Tonight I wanted tapas, and it included the following:
-boquerones montadito (open face anchovy sandwich)
-pa amb tomaquet ( bread with tomato)
-scallops in Rioja and saffron
-garlic green beans
-asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
-Rioja red wine

The boquerones I had in the fridge, just waiting for toasted bread, the toasted bread simply needed a rub of olive oil and tomato, the green beans needed to be steamed then sautéed in garlic, the asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and quick roasted, and the scallops…the scallops needed a bit of onion to be sautéed with a couple of ounces if Rioja splashed over them; all of three minutes work.

Overall, an hour’s worth of cooking. Not a bad meal at all. The sauce of Rioja and saffron was adequate but not inspiring, the green beans could have been cooked a tad longer, but in general better than most might get on a weeknight for dinner.