Originally this recipe out of Whole-Grain Morrnings called for farro and apple, but I didn’t have either on hand. My wife looked at me with a bit of a dumbfounded expression, apparently astonished that I actually had on hand what she considered sorta exotic ingredients. Kamut I had made the night before and it was handy. Dried cranberries? I often have those in my pantry. Pears? Well, no apples, but the pears were good. Hazelnuts? I usually have a pound or two of those. And coconut oil? Well, doesn’t everyone? 🙂

So–breakfast fixins’ ready! Let’s see how it works. It’s about 1045PM now and all the ingredients are gathered. I just have to toast the hazelnuts tomorrow morning, then dice the pear and sautĂ© them in the coconut oil, add the rest of the ingredients and heat the whole mess up.


The coconut oil really makes this dish interesting, and while she recommended yogurt for a garnish along with some honey for sweetener, the combination of the existing ingredients lent it plenty enough sweetness for both of us.

Very delicious (and when I opened up the yogurt container and was met with something green, well…time for a new container, I guess).