The Japanese have duck as part of their cuisine, though one doesn’t often hear about it. Duck breast goes very well with the basic flavors of Japanese stock items like ginger and citrus–hence this Sautéed Duck Breast With Daikon Oroshi and Ponzu Sauce.

The duck is prepared as typical for western styles, seasoned and seared on both sides in high heat in a skillet and finished in the oven. Where things ‘turn Japanese’ is with the sauce, a simple mix of shredded daikon in the skillet’s duck fat with a few squirts of ponzu sauce, quickly put together while the duck rests wrapped in foil for a few minutes.

Slice the duck thinly, top the pieces with the ponzu-daikon mixture, and garnish with thinly cut scallions (hari-negi–needle scallions). Serve with rice or as I did per my wife’s request, kamut.

See? The kamut worked nicely with the duck and sauce.


Kamut is a relative of wheat, nutty and firm, and hopefully a nice foil to the duck.

So… It’s really pretty good. The duck, following the recipe shown, came out closer to well done (though still juicy) which wasn’t a big problem–and the dressing of simple shredded daikon and ponzu sauce sautéed in duck fat was restaurant quality good.