I have no picture of the dessert I made, but here is a cheese sculpture portrait one of my staff at work made. I understand pictures grab people’s interest more than pithy writing. So be it…

Our friends Astrid and Bruno were returning home and wanted to drop off an item they had borrowed to watch House of Cards Season 2 (watch it on Netflix for godzsake) so Angela invited them to stay for dessert.

What?” I said.

You’ll figure something out; I’m going to tidy up.” she responded. Huh. It was about 830PM.

With that, we stepped up our pace home from our walk to the local Your Place Thai restaurant and when in the kitchen, I…figured. OK, there were fresh blueberries from Chile but really…not too sweet.
I had flour, butter, salt, and pure cane sugar. There was the dough.

I turned on the oven to 360F. Tossed in a handful of blanched almonds and toasted them brown.

Meanwhile, I pulsed the salt, flour and sugar together, added the butter and pulsed till mixed, and added 3 tablespoons of cold water and a minute later, I had my flaky crust dough thanks to the miracle of food processing, I put the dough in the fridge for ten minutes, washed out the food processor, and cut up the toasted almonds to a fine meal.

After the dough had had its time chilling a bit, I pulled it out, rolled it on the board, and sprinkled the almond meal on the rolled-out dough. At that moment, Bruno and Astrid arrived and I put him to work mixing the blueberries, flour and cane sugar (along with a dollop of applesauce for reasons I still can’t figure out), which I then plopped out on the dough surface. I dropped bits of butter on it, folded up the sides of the blueberry galette, and 40 minutes later emerged Blueberry Galette Dessert Rush.

As an added treat, I took a bit of creme fraiche and a tablespoon of cane sugar and mixed it briskly as a cooling garnish. It went over well.

My wife continued to simply wax on how I was able to throw something together like that so quickly and with such little effort, and all I can say is, well…she was right to be impressed. Really, it was all a mere bagatelle but the appreciation is always welcome.

As usual, the remnants of the dessert went with our guests so that we can continue to maintain our proud bodies as temples to health (uh huh–or at least to avoid temptation).

On Sunday I’m planning a Spanish chicken dish, a type of poultry we haven’t had in a looong time. Chicken thighs, garlic, saffron, with an almond and egg sauce. I found it in Claudia Roden’s The Food of Spain.

Side Note: its about 515PM on a Sunday and after a walk out to breakfast at Cafe Leila’s and much of the day spent sorting through ‘stuff’ in preparation for our coming Yard Sale in April, we took a walk again for merienda down on Berkeley’s Fourth Street, having a cortado and a pastry at the new cafe there, Artis Coffee Roasters. Nice place.