There is no picture here of the actual omelet itself alas, as it was consumed in record time this morning. At a small dinner we hosted a few days ago we had served Norwegian gjetost (YAY-toast) cheese along with strawberry as an appetizer.

So I figured–well, why not an omelet? Indeed.

The cheese is…unusual; a solid square of caramelized, solid ‘cheese’ which is sweet and only vaguely reminiscent of actual cheese, but when served with complementary fruits or crackers or German, dense pumpernickel-type bread, it works very well.


Along with this…strawberries. A very simple combination and for those who think of eggs as primarily savory, think again.


As usual, we split the omelet one third/two thirds and along with our coffee, it made for a nice, simple breakfast. I’ve not seen anyone ever make this before, but in the world of food, it probably isn’t original…but I made it and thought of it myself, so that’s worth a lot to me.