I love Korean food. Just love it. And when I saw this recipe for baked tofu cubes on the David Lebowitz website I just had to try it. It proved to be the center point for a decision to visit bibimbap again.

Bibimbap isn’t complicated. Rice and then a series of added dishes that can be veggie or fish or meat. Pickled. Sweet. Fried. Raw. However you like.

Tonight it was the following banchan dishes.

-hijiki seaweed, soaked in water
-shiitake mushrooms sautéed in soy sauce and a bit of sugar
-raw, julienned carrots
-sautéed baby spinach
-Japanese pickles
-baked, marinated tofu
furikake rice seasoning

And then each diner chooses all or some of the ingredients to garnish their rice. All in all, the ingredients all worked reasonably well, all required minimal preparation, and the combination of the flavors worked nicely. Why found the hijiki a bit ‘strong’ tasting and overpowering whereas I simply found that addition nice visually and texturally.

A nice combination here on my wife’s plate.