I’m planning a little dinner with family and friend for Sunday, but as I’m cooking a filet mignon and I wanted to make sure it would cook reasonably well, I cooked it to see what sort of timing I needed to make it just right. Turns out, like with ribeye, two minutes on each side with about 4-5 minutes in the oven at 500F worked just fine for medium rare.

Along with the filet mignon with mushroom sauce , I cooked up some sliced potato, a tomato, and some haricot vert beans. My primary purpose was to snag the exact timing on these steaks for a medium rare–given that they are pretty lean cuts, I didn’t want them overcooked.

They came out perfectly.

Moreover, as the lean beef has minimal flavor relative to other, fattier cuts, a nice, rich sauce was requisite. I chose a classic layered sauce beginning with shallots in butter and oil, then cremini mushrooms, then reducing the addition of red wine, then chicken stock, and a finish with some sherry and some thickener such that the sauce came out just perfectly syrupy.

It was so good that this ‘fill-in’ sauce enchanted my wife that she would like me to use it in place of my planned sauce—one that is similar but with less mushroom and more cream. We shall see.

As things stand, we had a fantastic Thursday night supper. The meat was superb, the sauce was divine. Restaurant perfect.