Its Oscar night and we’re just snacking on what’s available–chips, sake, and peanut butter. But I found a half dozen mini Yukon gold potatoes and half a scallion. Oh, and one egg. After running the potatoes through the mandoline and ended up with a pile of shredded potatoes. With a little duck fat, a little olive oil, and a few minutes, I fried and flipped them and ‘dinner’ was served.

Quite tasty I thought, though my wife was hampered by a distaste for the possible clash that the duck fat might have provided. If it weren’t for her sweety drop peppers to balance out the flavors in her mouth, she would have been disinclined to finish it. Ah, celebrate diversity. I thought it was seasoned well and went well with a little ketchup and sriracha.

Hey, my favorite cooking is making it up as I go along with what’s available. I have been pretty busy lately with work so evening cooking has been a bit spartan and simple.