Omigod, its meatless Monday…purely unintentional.

I started out with a simple theme of Spanish cuisine and then it kinda got twisted around and inside out. First of all, rather than making patatas bravas (fried potatoes with romesco sauce) I opted to make tofu bravas, lightly frying small tofu cubes and making a quick romesco sauce made from piquillo peppers, garlic, roasted hazelnuts, olive oil, and a bit of sherry vinegar. My wife found it mildly ‘spicy’ which may have been the half clove of garlic, I don’t know. It had a ‘bite’ I must admit and was passable as a romesco. Usually this sauce needs a little more time in a skillet, gently simmering all the ingredients, but there was little time.

To add to this I opted for baked parsnip fries which was pretty simple. Parsnips are nice and sweet and hey–don’t they look just like regular fries, huh? Delicious; probably the best dish of all three.

It was rounded out with a bit of sautéed chard in olive oil and garlic with, as it turns out, a tad too much Patis (Filipino fish sauce). Waay salty…at least to our tastes.


All in all, the meal has potential. Certainly adequate with the parsnip fries taking the top honors. And I gotta admit, having a vegetarian dinner makes me feel kinda righteous. Sorry, can’t help it.