Oh, there was nothing wrong with this clafoutis, I just thought the title sounded cute. I’d just finished making little lamb meatballs in a spicy tomato and eggplant sauce which was found here at ChefJohn’s website, foodwishes.com, and it was creditable. Tasty but, and no reflection of Chef John, not meeting my criteria for omigawdthisissogood. I enjoyed it well enough, but I wanted to push on to something else…so: dessert.

I bought a cherry pitter some months back and it was one of the few kitchen devices I’ve bought that I actually find myself using regularly and not consigning to the why-did-I-ever-buy-this-tool box. I’ve also learned not to put the pits in the garbage disposal.

And this dish is absurdly easy to make both timewise and convenient. I made a batch and, as you can see, put them all in separate ramekins for individual desserts. These can easily be brought to work or perhaps even frozen for later if wrapped tightly enough. For my wife and I, we simply shared one in order to enjoy and not disrupt our attention to watching our sugar and calorie intake. As always, I use at least a third less sugar than the dessert recipes call for with no negative effects on final taste or quality.

This clafoutis recipe is slightly different from my typical effort in that it has slivered almonds mixed in with the cherries which adds a nice textural crunch. The amaretto didn’t hurt things, either. As custards go, it was competently made with milk, egg, and a bit of flour and sugar and held no flavor surprises.

I begin to wonder how one could elevate this dish a few notches above how-everyone-makes-custard. The slivered almonds and amaretto were a nice touch but my wife wasn’t impressed; merely satisfied and, in my book, that simply won’t do. I respect my wife’s palate a good deal as I consider it better than my own–so long as it doesn’t venture toward all those flavors she doesn’t care for on The List.

Those that can, do. Those that think they can’t…they taste and make suggestions.