Fran Costigan, you #%$@&! What are you doing to me, you…you vegan. A couple of weeks ago I tried out your Bittersweet Chocolate Cashew Cream Truffles and they totally rocked. Yes…vegan. No butter. Cream. Eggs. None of that, and they were absolutely delicious.

And these…these tart shells…an utterly delicious failure.

I loved the idea of them; pulverized mix of raw nuts, maple syrup, a bit of salt and cinnamon, and cleverly pressed into mini-tart pans with a cup bottom and plastic wrap. But. But. They never really froze in the freezer as they were supposed to; they held together adequately…barely…but removing them from the tart pans was nearly impossible without turning their lovely shapes back into their original mixed up mass.

Yet, the idea is good. I would suggest in the future to line your tart pan first with plastic wrap and then apply the mixture to the pan for greater ease in removing the tart later. This is really best served with soft interior contents; her cashew cream and chocolate ganache could work…possibly, but might still be too thick and hard.

I’ll have to give her recipes another try, but the raw nut crust is too problematic and the added necessity of eating it ‘cold’ is limiting. I recognize that its possible I failed in following the directions…somehow, but I don’t think so.

Check out her book for her great chocolate truffle recipes–all vegan and they work really well.