Ok. I pulled out the Fran Costigan vegan chocolate book and decided to give another recipe a try. I started out with the vegan notion of raw nuts tartshell and put it together. Pretty simple; raw nuts, in this case walnuts and almonds with maple syrup, coconut oil, and a tad of salt and cinnamon. It mixed together in the food processor easily enough and pressed out onto the tart pan with the aid of a cup bottom as well as a piece of plastic wrap to keep it from sticking.

Immediate problems; it had to go into the freezer to hold its shape. And even after several hours the admittedly tasty raw nut mix was difficult to extract from the tart pan. After a bit of effort I managed to prise the shell out, and while the final product was certainly tasty and sweet enough, vegan or otherwise, as for presentation, a complete disaster.

Look, here it is. Looks good at this point. Nice shape, but too sticky, too difficult to handle and move out of its pan. Where my own fail came to the fore was the use of cashew cream as a base and then layering on top a hard shell of chocolate ganache which immediately cooled and cutting this mess made it look worse. That was on me.


So. While the taste wasn’t a major issue, nor was the texture, the basic problem is that the raw nut tartshell mixture was too fragile.


I’m going to continue trying out more of these recipes, though. Come back and learn what works and what doesn’t. I’ll be here all week.