You’ll recall that recently when the rain fell, when my bike got a flat, it was a pretty yucky day for me. The dessert took over my concentration such that I had barely minutes to put together the actual mains on the menu, Grilled Swordfish and Caponata.

The swordfish is so good it doesn’t need much; salt, pepper and, in this case, herbs de Provence. With a marinade of lemon juice for thirty minutes, the serious flavor of the savory fish came through with little distraction. Five minutes on each side, then a foil wrap to help cook it through, and its awesome.

The caponata recipe included the usual things one would expect, but as I had made another some weeks earlier, I adjusted this recipe considerably by reducing the sugar and replacing it with currants, as well as adding pine nuts for an added texture. This recipe has one frying the Eggplant in oil for several minutes, and it came out very nicely. The essence of caponata seems to be eggplant along with a sweet and sour component, so whether the sour comes from olives or vinegar, well…it’s up to the cook. As I’m trying to cut back on sugar, raisins made a bit more sense to me.

Anyway, as far as sugar concerns, the dessert put paid to any ‘health’ benefits that might accrue from using raisins instead of sugar. Oh, well.