I don’t love working 11-8pm; but it’s usually only once a week, so no biggie (and since I write the schedule and am the last resort to cover vacations, sudden illnesses, etc., well…). When I got home, wifey had eaten her leftover minestrone soup from two days ago, and so I sliced a couple of thin pieces of Taleggio cheese (a notable stinker from Lombardy, Italy) and slapped them on two slices of quickly microwaved frozen bread. Slathered a bit of Korean Gochujang spicy sauce on it, cooked it in the skillet, and instant stinky cheese…grilled.

Best thing about it all? While it was cooking, its smell wafted into the living too and my wife squealed out: “Hey, that smells gooood!” My wife enjoyed the smell of Taleggio. A stinky cheese. Maybe there’s hope.