I met the woman who would be my wife in January, 1982. Hard to believe that we’ve been together now for 32 years. Married in 1985, it’s been a long and interesting ride. Long separations by the Pacific, married life beginning in Japan, another separation, and somehow my wife and I continue to keep it together.

One odd thing about our relationship is that my wife constantly fails to remember the occasion of either our Wedding Day or even the occasion of Super Bowl Sunday when we first…er….that is to say, well…you know what I mean. So as the big football day is tomorrow and neither of us gives a flying tinker’s damn about it regardless of who’s playing, I thought to start the celebration of our time together early by bringing home some Japanese deli foodkaraage chicken, seaweed salad, and some silken tofu to dress with soy sauce and furikake. Also on the menu was a bottle of sake and a quick shiitake mushroom sauté idea (shiitake with oyster sauce and a garnish of green onions).

I like simple fare as much as, if not better sometimes, as dishes that require hours in the kitchen to prepare. Kara-age chicken, already prepared, simply got reheated in that new karahi pan I got last weekend.


The silken tofu simply gets cut to size, drizzled with a little light sodium soy sauce and is followed with some furikake (a blend of various dried seaweeds, sesame seeds, and other dried veggies).


The seaweed salad is standard fare, a sorta pickled sea vegetable that serves well.


Needless to say, one can’t have everything store-bought, so I made a simple shiitake mushroom dish; sautéed and softened then mixed with a small amount of oyster sauce, and dressed with scallion bits.


Oh, and leave us not forget the plates my wife bought for us a few days ago–which not too subtly reminds me of my childhood dinner times. While we generally try to achieve the goals the dish ware suggests, I’m not sure how often we may end up using these plates as a helpful tool.