I like chocolate. I like…making things, sweet or otherwise. And several days ago when I first made the Bittersweet Cashew Cream Truffles they were…well received. I decided to do an uptick and make a good deal more and I’ve learned about the process of making ‘fine’ chocolates. Are these fine? Do we have a definition for this? In any case, I bought some proper chocolate dipping tools which made the process easier though not necessarily faster. Dipping each truffle into its coating chocolate for its final layer was slow and laborious, and adding an additional chocolate drizzle again requires care about the chocolate’s temperature and viscosity. Maybe I’ve simply been lucky, or the parameters for success are a bit wider than I think.

But here’s the thing–and a contest of sorts.

Yes, a contest. Do you want one of these delicious chocolate treats? Contact me through this blog or email me otherwise. If you know my phone or personal email contact info, tell me. And I’ll arrange to get one…or two to you. Also consider this an opportunity to invite you and a friend over for dinner at our house. Seriously.

If you contact me and say, “I want to come to dinner!” and you’re the first to respond, well…congratulations to you. You have until February 7, 2014. Next Friday to be the first to invite yourself to dinner. And go home with a small package of these dessert truffles.

Oh, bonus! My wife wasn’t overly joyous with my ‘healthy’ cookies of millet, whole wheat flour, wheat bran so I took what was left of the chocolate and improved them. See?


As I close in on retirement day, I have been thinking more and more about options of occupation in the artisanal food world. Making cheese is a possibility, or truffles?