Another recipe from Whole-Grain Mornings by Megan Gordon.

I guess I have to blame myself for this one. Sometimes the light in my kitchen late at night is pretty weak and I misread the amount of flour this recipe required–I tripled the amount of wheat flour to 3 cups. And my first clue was when I added the liquid elements (egg, maple syrup, coconut oil) it was pretty dry. Answer? I added another egg, more sweetener, and more coconut oil. The dryness receded, I palmed out about 20 cookies, and 12 minutes later I had Nutty Millet Breakfast Cookies.

Were they good? Nice texture, not too sweet, and fairly unremarkable. I gotta take responsibility for my visual error. 3 cups of flour…and whole wheat? Woo! These may be the healthiest cookies I ever made, and while I usually mess up my cookies (come to think of it, I did it again!) these were rescued…barely. I sampled them out at work and the general reaction was negative–can we seriously call a cookie without butter a cookie? Yeeeaaahhh…I guess, but you can’t call it a great one. Anyway, I screwed up the recipe, not Megan. I’m willing to give it another try with the proper proportions.