I worked till 8pm tonight and by 830 or so I was glad that I had taken that duck breast out of the freezer in the morning. Matt from work had offered me a kale and purple potato salad leftover that was about to be tossed, so carb and veggies were covered. As I’ve been doing duck regularly now for awhile, I had to add another spin to it to make it new.

I began by seasoning with salt and pepper and heating up a cast iron skillet. Once hot, I laid the breast down skin side and gave it about six minutes. I flipped it and gave it about five minutes. While I let it rest under aluminum foil, I realized after cutting through it that it was still a bit too rare, so I nuked it for about 30 seconds…which proved a tad too long (if I’d had the oven on, I would have put it in there for a couple of minutes). Came out near medium and in thinner bits too well done…but still!

While that transpired, I put together the sauce; shallots in olive oil till lightly sautéed, then equal amounts of apricot preserves and red wine vinegar. It was just right; a combination of sweet and sour just as it should be.

The salad was fine but not to my preferences, and we had a nice Tempranillo to wash it down with.

One final note–duck is viewed as such a special treat (and it is!) but really, folks– it is absurdly simple to cook duck breast even on a week night. I heartily endorse all of you to bring home a duck breast or two to put on your dinner table. They can be ready faster than even a chicken dish takes!