Vegetarian Times is a laudable magazine, but it’s not really proven very reliable for me…in the sense that…the recipes often, well…. don’t taste good. Tonight I made a photocopy of a quick (not…barely) weeknight dinner Black Bean Tacos with Kiwifruit Salsa which was fairly easy to prepare, but simply lacking in significant flavor, gusto…oh, hell, it was total meh. It looked rather pretty, with black beans on a multigrain tortilla, topped with a bit of yogurt, and then the kiwi salsa (onion, kiwi, salt, cilantro, and jalapeño).

The salsa itself has some possibilities, and I wonder if I’d followed the original recipe which required a crisp tostada that it would have made any difference. Certainly there was an interesting texture missing, but overall, a fairly uninteresting dinner. The heat from the chiles made a slight difference, but overall a shallow disappointment.