Vegan. I personally think that vegan eating is a good thing for the body, for the planet, and overall for one’s health. If only there weren’t so many annoying people who are vegans, it would be a lot better. Don’t get me wrong, some of my friends are vegans. Some are quite normal, and others…not, just like vegetarians and meat eaters, I suppose. It’s just that I don’t know many vegetarians or meat eaters who try to change your lifestyle through guilt, fear, or political correctness.

So let this be my final word on the subject of veganism…go for it. Just don’t talk to me about it or try to…convert me. If I ask you questions, then fine. Answer away and I will listen attentively. If you come to one of my dinners and thought it was a vegan feast, well…I’ll try to rustle you up some vegan grub because I’m a good host. Oh, one other thing–do not bring vegan bread to my dinners. Nobody will want to eat that #%&@…nobody!!

Now that I’ve elected to get off that hot topic, let’s wonder why I thought to make Bittersweet Cashew Cream Truffle…Things. Ahh. Easy. I had every last ingredient except for the guar gum. Now I have enough guar gum to last the rest of my natural life.

Vegan cooking isn’t a happy match with baking, but as these truffle things don’t require baking, maybe they had a chance. I ran them past my chocoholic wife who was eminently pleased with the results.– despite a solid shortage of butter, dairy, or cream in their contents. Surprisingly good; not overly sweet, and yeah, enough cashew cream left over for god knows what.

So am I turning vegan? No, maybe in my next lifetime or if something drastic happens. As things go, I might eat vegan at least once or twice a week simply by chance. I don’t tell the world. Ain’t no thang.

These truffle…things (squares– they were to be squares but ended up more rectangles) weren’t difficult to make, but covering them with the chocolate was a bother once the truffle/chocolate combo was made. Slow, wrong tools. Still, they tasted fine for a first effort and will make someone a nice extra notch in their belt shod they like them too much. At 83 calories a pop, y’gots to be careful.