My wife and I spent a good part of this Sunday just walking around town in the Rockridge and Elmwood districts, getting ourselves some exercise, seeing stores in more depth, and me, of course, looking at cookbooks which I fear (not correctly) that I may never use again. Regular readers know that I was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic which is, by all accounts, no death sentence or comparable to being sent to a gulag in Siberia or the killing fields of Cambodia.

There is a point here, forgive me as I get to it in a roundabout way, but we walked a lot, had lunch at Barney’s burger joint (I had the Barney’s Falafel Pita and wife had the BLT&A (not tits and ass, tomatoes and avocado)) and, well…it was too much food. We each had our own sandwich and managed to knock off most of what was on the plate, but I felt stuffed and bloated afterwards, and dangerously high on my used calories for the day.

Hence–the point: we wanted a lighter meal for dinner, so after getting off the 51B bus, I continued on for another stop to do some last minute shopping for essential lentil ingredients. Lentils, yes. Carrot, tomato, onion…ok, that’s enough. Don’t need no stinkin’ potato. Upon reaching home, I looked through many recipes online for basic lentil soup. Food Channel, Epicurious,…but they all were too…fancy. I settled on a simple one from I found here.

I didn’t use canned tomatoes but a single fresh one, with seeds removed. I also added half a piece of Spanish chorizo for a little extra flavor streak which I cooked with the onions and garlic. I should have browned the carrot and celery along with the onion but I was too hurried. Now it sits on the stove, its fragrance filling the kitchen.

It leaves me more time to ruminate about my life, my health…and really, overall, I’m doing ok. Sure, my elbow aches, my knee aches, my back has occasional pain from arthritis or stiffness, and I get leg cramps in the middle of the #%$&ing night that are painful and a bother, and my energy isn’t that of a 40 year old, but…but…hell, it’s better than being in Siberia.