Days off are great; I get to think about dinner for more time and pull out a couple of stops. Above is the duck breast at room temperature, seasoned with kosher salt, large crunchy bits of pepper, and some crushed garlic. While that lay on the kitchen table, I used the mandoline to thinly slice a couple of potatoes for the Pommes de Anna–though I reduced the amount of butter in the dish by at least half. Pommes de Anna is a classic potato dish consisting of potatoes and butter, essentially. It is cooked on the stovetop briefly and then baked for awhile, then seasoned with salt and pepper. Delicious. Still too much butter for every night, though. I cooked it in a paellera dish from Spain, usually used for paella (no surprise there, I hope). Pommes de Anna seems to be the French equivalent to the Spanish tortilla de patatas which is traditionally potatoes and eggs, rather than potatoes and butter in the French version. Cooking it in a paellera seemed appropriate.

Here it is in the pan.


Here it is ‘flipped’ showing the bottom, just as with the classic tortilla de patatas dish.


It was quite delicious, gotta admit. Of course, there was the duck dish, as well. Cooking…then flipped and crisped nicely.



Of course, we needed some vegetables, as well, so some roasted tomatoes in olive oil and thyme were the ticket.


Overall, a wonderful meal. Love French food!