Angela has been after me to get a flu shot, and me? I’m not overly motivated, though she reminded me that I dealt with the public and lots of coworkers and my risk was higher. I wasn’t in the mood to counter her concern with the facts as I’ve learned them or even here, but the fact remains…its a crap shot taking it and I don’t think it will do me any harm. So guess what? Despite everything, I’m gonna get a flu shot.

After paying some bills, contacting my new doctor for an appointment, removing piles of paper from the kitchen table, and replacing some dead lights in the kitchen ceiling, I bicycled off to Cafe Tribu where I treated myself to a cortado and a breakfast burrito. I actually wasn’t even able to quite finish that burrito as it stood, but it was enough to last me through lunch. I read and chatted with the owner, browsed the interwebs, and…typically…started to consider what to make for dinner…or simply make, period. I determined that buying blanched almonds in bulk was cheaper than buying the Red Mill brand of almond flour at $10.99/lb, given that the equivalent in bulk was a shade cheaper at $7.59. Ok, fine. Bought a bottle of cheap Crane Lake red, a couple of heirloom tomatoes, a half pound of Valrhona chocolate, and determined to jump onto that duck breast in the refrigerator.

Biked , then, after Berkeley Bowl West to Rocket Restaurant supply where I picked up a small fine mesh strainer, then to Sur la Table where I got a needed flexible silicone spatula suitable for non-stick cookware, a quick browse at Books, Inc, and then off to the west branch of the Berkeley Public Library where I found a copy of Among Others by Jo Walton ((Hugo Award winter in 2013 for best novel) which pleased me no end as why would I want to spend $7.95 on this anyway, and then home.

Whew. Where I started to bake…after I did the dishes in the #%$&@ing sink. Hey, it’s relaxing.

Ground the almonds, mixed the eggs with superfine sugar, and put them together with almond oil, lemon and orange zest, and then folded in the dozen egg whites. A thick, sticky pile of sweet which went into four different prepared pans for baking. Thirty minutes at 350F and they came out nice and dry on the toothpick.

Later I plan to melt some chocolate for a ganache covering for a couple of them, the others will simply be plain with the cross of St James (Santiago) on the top, surrounded by powdered sugar.


Some lucky people at both my wife’s work and mine will enjoy the benefits of these calories. Me? I lost over 4 lbs this week and I plan to continue.