On cold winter nights, with just the two of us to cook for, sometimes all it takes to make a meal are roasted veggies, a tin of sardines, and a couple of small wedges of a soft-ripened cheese to end the day.

Upon getting home, bicycling naturally (we still haven’t replaced our car yet and wonder if and when we really should) , I unloaded my pannier of sweet potato, broccoli, shallot, parsnips, and heirloom tomato. I switched the oven on to 400F and peeled the parnsip, cut the potato into rounds, and did the same with the parsnips. Put ’em in a colander, sprinkled them with EVOO, laid them on my largest roasting pan, added salt and pepper, and 20 minutes later while I did the dishes, the roasted vegetables were ready, the tin of sardines had been opened and put out, and we stuffed ourselves full of lots of low calorie, healthy, but most importantly perhaps…delicious food.

Simple and delicious. Alkaline, too, if you think about it, and most satisfying. Even the cheese, a truffle-infused Brie which I had half a wheel left, was only nibbled at (aren’t we so good?). I had also heated up a honey French roll to go with the cheese (there’s never much bread in our house as Angela barely eats any and if I had it, the loaf would be gone in two days–hence, most of the bread in our house is mundane loaf bread or occasionally, pita) but that barely got even sniffed at.

I had a split bottle of some champagne (Brut) from our friends which we hadn’t gotten around to chilling, so that will wait till later while we watch The Good Wife, one of our simpler tv pleasures.

Tomorrow perhaps a duck breast to share, a bit of Pommes Anna, and a light green salad. Or not. I’ll probably change my mind.