Why a surprise? Because this is a ‘quick’ recipe which took not much more than 30 minutes to cook, and as I’ve come to realize with sauces and such, to really get good flavor you need to let things…cook for awhile. A good bolognese sauce ought to take a couple or three hours to really have those flavors coalesce into something close to magical, but this recipe from simply recipes.com was as good as it gets for something put together in less than an hour.

Start with your essential mirepoix of celery, onions, and carrots (though in this case I wasn’t inclined to pay $1.79 for a bunch of celery so did without) and continued apace. While this recipe called for a wider variety of ground meat including veal, all I had on hand was some ground pork and beef, and this suited things well. Further along in the cooking process one adds a cup of hearty red wine and toward the end, a cup of milk which turns the entire sauce a delicious looking orange-ish/meaty color. Taste for salt and seasonings and add your pasta. Add some parmesans reggiano or Grana padano grated cheese, a glass of red wine, and maybe a side of broccoli cooked in the pasta water and you’re ready to go.

Special note– this made enough for two nights of meals, with the second night reheated with a bit more crushed tomato to extend the sauce.

Special second note–due to a bit of body confusion, having spent months losing weight, shifting gears to maintaining weight is tricky. So far I’ve kept most of the weight off, but the last couple of months have had me blossom out to five or six more pounds than I really want to be at. So…starting today, it’s back on the wagon. Back to 210 lbs! I figure it will take me 8-9 weeks.