Started off the day with a piece of whole wheat bread, flattened under a heavy rolling pin, and pressed into a muffin tin. Added a piece of thin prosciutto , dropped an egg into it with salt and pepper, then baked for 15 minutes. What do you call that? Egg Mcmuffin? No, that’s been used. Oh, hell. Don’t really care. Its good, its simple, and the only thing that would have made it better were if I had two of them instead of only one for breakfast.

Brought the leftover half of my pear galette to work to share with the staff. Well received. Sliced pears in a skillet with butter and sugar, with a toss of amaretto. Toast and grind a few tablespoons of almonds and spread on the middle of a rolled out piece of pastry dough. Spread the pears in the middle. Fold up the sides. Bake at 400F for 35 minutes. Eat enough for you and your wife, take the rest of those killer calories to share among your fellow workers.

That same evening we had a promised dinner of paella for a couple who would soon be leaving for a new home and life in a North Carolina. I do paella in my sleep but wifey during dinner gave me the look which was tantamount to saying FAIL FAIL. Dinner was pleasant enough because I didn’t push it nor did she. After dinner ‘sports roundup’ revealed her analysis that the paella was undercooked, often a bit of a problem when certain rice morsels on the surface of the dish fail to get enough moisture. It still happens. Oddly, my opinion was that the dish was moderately overcooked given that there was a solid base of soccorat (crispy, fried bits of rice on the bottom of the pan) present.

Not sure what to make of it. Friends Liz and Todd simply said ‘delicious!’ and managed to finish off most of the paellera’s contents by evening’s end, but if they didn’t like it, they may have been being polite.

In any case, the apple galette I prepared for the evening came out smashingly, simply dressed in a bit of butter and sugar. Flaky crust, excellent golden delicious apples, and omigod…what a flaky crust.

Todd and Liz will be leaving in the next couple of weeks and we are going to miss them. Good fun, quirky and kind.