This is a simple recipe, but with lots of prep to do. First, quinoa needs to be washed for a couple of minutes…then ideally toasted for a few minutes. Meanwhile, asparagus need to be roasted with a bit of garlic and olive oil for several minutes. As it requires some prosciutto which needs to be fried in a tad of olive oil, you already have a skillet, baking pan, and a colander and a pot to clean.

If that wasn’t enough, you also have a litshoad of chopping to do–parsley, chives, mint, crumbling feta, and a lot of juice squeezing.

Be careful to wash the parsley or asparagus to remove any grit–and mix it well. This is a lot of work, but the result is quite tasty, very healthy, wheat free and gluten free if that matters to you.