Just so you know, my wife and I are not into a specific diet, per se. Yes, we watch our calories, try to get some exercise every day, and try to eat healthily…but…what is that? Is it being a vegetarian? Sticking to the LA Burrito Diet? Vegan? Paleo? Mediterranean? With all the hubbub about healthy lifestyles, its hard to know what is ‘right’ and correct. Moreover, if one does embrace any cuisine or dietary lifestyle, are we simply being faddish and slaves to a meme or movement?

With all the medical and health knowledge available today, there are a few things we can safely say that work…for us, and would probably please our physicians, diet gurus, et al.

-Fresh Produce-
Probably one of the most important decisions to make. Whether or not you choose to go organic rather than commercial, I would leave that to your own choices.
-Eat With The Seasons-
Yeah, maybe. In the dead of winter, ice cream can still appeal to me and tomatoes, even if they come from frickin’ Argentina and are out of season here on the West Coast, can get my attention. Still, all it takes is a close look at your local produce market to see what’s available and know what you ‘should’ be eating,
-Animal Protein–Cut Back-
Yah, I hear ya bruthahs and sistahs…we luvs our meat! We love our soft, smelly cheese! Still, we don’t need all that much protein on a daily basis, so I simply incorporate meat into our diet perhaps 3-4 times a week, fish as well, and cheesey dishes only on occasion. Mmm. Potatoes au gratin, with cheese melting all over it. Won’t give that up, but I’ll easily arrange to eat it NOT every day. Same with quiches, tarts, etc.
Yah, really? I tried sticking to straight up fruit once and I lasted about a week. Chocolate calls to me, puff pastry and choux pastry, baby..they want chocolate, nuts and fruit and who am I to deny them their holy union? Conventional wisdom has us simply eating fruit every day. No, no, no.
Oh, hellll no.
But seriously, I believe that a glass, sometimes two on the weekends, of wine at dinner is a good thing. And when friends come over, I’m gonna not stop at that 2nd glass I can tell you. Thanksgiving is coming and while I don’t plan on falling down drunk or driving under the influence, I’m gonna pop back a few more than is wise.

All this comes under our recent introduction to the rigorous benefits that an 80% alkaline foods diet can provide–that alkaline basis in our systems that keeps disease and poor health at bay. How does one achieve this? Simple.

Eat veggies, veggies, and more veggies. Nuts, plenty of water, and eat a lot less meat, fish, bread, grain products, cheese, dairy, coffee, sugar, and alcohol. Supposedly if you can do this, or at least minimize your intake of the bad acid-forming foods, you may notice your arthritis disappearing, your energy increasing, and maybe even put those long debilitating diseases we all fear at permanent bay.

But…let’s face it, going whole hog into a high alkaline diet is going to be a trick for most of us who enjoy reasonably good health. But we think that following a generalized Mediterranean diet of fresh produce, a small amount of animal protein, grains, and sweets isn’t such a bad thing.

Oh, you’re wondering about what all the above has to do with the recipe in this blog entry?

Tonight I made this completely alkaline Veggie Quinoa Croquettes with Almond Cream. Surprisingly tasty, the cream sauce was surprisingly good and rich.

For the recipe and to learn more about alkalizing food, click here.