Literally, meat and potatoes tonight.

As I have, if I do say so myself, become something of a master at cooking ribeye steaks (jury is still out on chuck, flank, skirt, etc.), tonight’s meal, while a tad saltier than either of us would have preferred, still came out damned good. I had defrosted this ribeye from Target of all places, approximately a 10-12 oz cut, which I had gotten for only $6.99 (take that, Walmart) and so the dinner plans coalesced.

A single russet potato sliced on the mandoline to perhaps 1/16th” in thickness, spiraled onto a lightly buttered skillet, then seasoned and quickly sautéed overall with only two tablespoons of butter, then placed entirely into the oven still in the skillet for about 20 minutes till nicely browned. Voila. Crispy Potato Galette.


While the steak was searing in the skillet for about 90 seconds a side, the oven had been cranked up to 500F where its furnace heat would bring the steak to a practically perfect medium rare five minutes later. And while the steak rested after its ordeal in the oven, I took broccoli florets and sautéed them in olive oil and a bit of garlic for a lovely cruciferous side. A dash of Patis (fish sauce) added the oomph, but as I learned, half a capful would have been more than adequate.


Nothing fancy, just simple food simply done.

Problems? The steak was over seasoned–too much salt, but still, overall because the steak was cooked so nearly perfectly, we really didn’t care. I had no red wine so we had to use a South African blend of Viognier, roussanne, and Grenache Blanc from a vintner who playfully called this effort Goats Do Roam (2012) and played nicely on the palate.

Dessert? I have a chocolate tart shell and a pear