My wife and I couldn’t quite figure out what to call these.

Sure, at McDonald’s you’ve got your egg mcmuffins and other similar breakfast sandwiches, but there ain’t no ‘mc’ in these. I originally got the notion for these from Rachel Khoo’s book The Little Paris Kitchen (and fwiw Ms Khoo is drop dead GORgeous which don’t hurt). Frankly, I don’t even recall much about how she put these together, other than bread was the wrapper in which her breakfast ingredients were piled into.

Get a muffin tin, lubricate them with oil or butter or spray, preferably one that is larger for six larger muffins, and take (for each ‘muffin’) two slices of sandwich bread. Trim the crusts off, then roll them flat with a rolling pin or wine bottle (I won’t ask why you have a wine bottle on your counter close to your breakfast fixing area…really, I won’t), then overlapping them, insert them into the muffin tin, pressing them up against the bottoms and sides. You may find some excess bread that overlaps–simply trim it (just tear it off) and press it onto the areas that might remain uncovered. It will be a little patchwork but don’t worry about how it looks–the rustic charm here lay in how it looks that way anyway.

Now–be creative. I made two different kinds, both with a basic egg, a little shaved Parmesan, and a little salt and pepper. For my wife’s, I used sweety drop peppers which, regular readers will note, she absolutely loves. For mine, I took a few pieces of my quick scallion kim chee, diced them up, and layered onto the egg. For a nice rounding touch, I put a small amount of creme fraiche into each egg, then added a bit more Parmesan reggiano.

18-20 minutes at 350F and here is your result. My rough calorie count is slightly under 300, so not bad for a nice, warm bite able breakfast.