I was tooling around over at Leite’s Culinaria looking for some recipe ideas (I recommend his site highly–lots of good cookin’ notions over there) when this picture got me all…ginchy.

The weather is cooling here in the Bay Area and soup sounded like a reasonably good idea. During work I presoaked two cups of lentils up in the cheese cutting room to save time this evening and even shopped during my lunch break so I could get home more quickly in order to start this soup up.

As this soup is from a Deborah Madison cookbook, a famed vegetarian chef, one hopes that the myriad combination of flavors will get a big result. Hooray. This did. With this mix, reflecting the herbs often associated with the eastern Mediterranean, India, and Thailand, its hard to imagine which cuisine this soup would most capture. Coconut milk, cardamom, cinnamon, cilantro, cloves…wow.

While the yellow peas cooked, I added this mixture of onion, cilantro stems, cardamom, cinnamon and pepper to the soup.


While I did put together the yogurt and spice mixture (paprika, cumin seeds, turmeric, and cardamom) we both opted to pass. It was still pretty damn good. Unfortunately, my wife, while enjoying it, found it didn’t send her over the moon. Not a slight to the recipe in any way– it actually worked well enough for me, but I have to cook for at least two but if half that says ‘Nice…but…’ well.

Regardless, very tasty.