Saw a movie, got home late, and threw a quick frittata together. What makes a good frittata? Other than eggs, the most interesting (though not necessarily the best) are using what’s in the refrigerator. Tonight, it was six large eggs, a small Redwood Hills crottin of goat cheese (only about half), a bit of pancetta, green onions, shallots, and baby spinach. Oh, and to make it sorta tortilla de Espanola I included half a dozen fingerling potatoes.

Oh, of course, and my wife’s requisite sweety drops. (And with all due respect to wifey’s preferences, the sweety drops added a bit more sweetness than I prefer in a savory egg dish)

No strong punch on this dish, and in retrospect it could have possibly used a bit more goat cheese and a tad more salt than was present, but it was a nice little din-din.