I’m not really sure what to call this dish (Pizza Polenta Bites?) I put together tonight–but once again, I was inspired by David Tanis’ most recent book which had a recipe for ‘polenta scrapple’ which, quite simply, I had no time to put together. So tonight I grabbed some organic prepared cooked polenta, the kind which you can slice and bake or sauté, and then began construction.

Using the polenta disc as a platform, I cut six and started by cutting up some sundried tomatoes in olive oil and starting them as the bottom layer. Following this, I cut a couple of thin slices of Redwood Hills Farms California Crottin (goat cheese) which I lay in small strips on top of the tomato. Following this I put a few Sweetydrop peppers on each disc, and then sautéed some tiny mushrooms in a smidge of butter along with some chopped rosemary. This went on as the last layer.

With the oven on to 400F, I slipped them in for about five minutes, but then raised the tray to a higher position nearer to the burner above to give the bites an extra browning. Three minutes later, they came out. Delicious. For color I finally added chopped chives.

Wifey was suitably pleased with my impromptu preparation, as was I, though she noted an odd ‘aftertaste’ she suspected came out of the sundried tomatoes. Her remedy was adding more goat cheese, but as I noted no peculiar aftertaste myself, I’ll simply take it under advisement for the future. Overall, a nutritious little meal for us, and even vegetarian.

I served a small green salad with lettuce, half an avocado, sliced radishes, and chopped scallions. The vinaigrette was a little different–EVOO and red wine vinegar as a standard, but I added a small spoonful of romesco sauce instead of mustard. Very satisfying.