Bought a copy of David Tanis’ new book One Good Dish yesterday, a great third cookbook of his with lots of simple yet delicious meals.
Above is a pic of radishes a la creme fraiche, with no more than five ingredients: radishes, watermelon radishes, turnips, salt and pepper, and creme fraiche. Ok, that’s six ingredients, but whether you use daikon or turnips, it is a simple crudités dish that is healthy and delicious.

The turnips that I used my wife found rather spicy and uneatable, but what can you expect from a lady who thinks Coca Cola is spicy.
All good, still delicious though in the future I will eschew older turnips. Salt, pepper, and the chives on top–very simple and healthy.

For the main course, it was another venture into my wife’s uncomfortable zone–cooking clams with fennel (yes, I’m still trying to shorten that list) and parsley. With a sautéed group of aromatics (onions, leeks, garlic) with a pinch of heat in red pepper flakes and a teaspoon only of crushed fennel seeds which really rounded out the flavor profile, it was really a nice meal. With the special bread from Tartine in The City, their own delicious country loaf (which I waited in line for 30 minutes to get), a crisp Sauvignon Blanc of little repute, our meal was complete.

Note: I used Littleneck clams which, while tasty, came out a tad rubbery. Smaller clams like those from Manila, might have been a better choice. Live and learn.

Bread from Tartine…


…and the clams. Woof!