With our son in town for a few days, with his getting hired as an assistant manager at a prestigious clothing boutique and an increase in wages by 50%, we (ok, it was me) decided to start off the long weekend with a pile of popovers for a little celebration. A closer examination of the popovers might reveal that three of these simple morning eatables were made with the help of a few of my silicone molds designed for brioche–which I have yet to make as it turns out–but the molds are still suitable for other uses nonetheless.

Lately my attempts have found the popovers upon completion sticking to the pan; annoying, despite greasing them in what I thought was a liberal fashion, but a judicious spray of spray olive oil seems to do the trick–and will no doubt do so in the future (my wife loves them).

After seeing the movie Gravity in 3D, we strolled around San Francisco and stopped in at Cafe de la Presse for coffee and a small cheese plate of Brillat Savarin, Comte, and a delicious goat cheese.

Dinner tonight at Stella Nonna was not surpassed.