My one day off before six straight days of cheesemongering.

After hitting the library, paying some bills, enjoying an hour or so at Cafe Tribu, and visiting my old digs at Escapist Comics, I did some grocery shopping where I planned out a not-so-simple dinner of Spanakopita and Kamut and Almond Salad.


Because my wife was concerned with salmonella poisoning, chicken was off the list for at least another several days (thanks, Foster Farms) so quite inadvertently, a vegetarian menu got pushed to the front of the list.

Spanakopita isn’t really a difficult dish, despite the difficulties inherent in handling philo dough. Its thin, it tears, but it proved easily manageable. One starts out mincing parsley, dill, onions (in the food processor, that last) as well as fennel (my wife’s aversion to licorice flavored foods is legendary)and sweating those down in a little olive oil. To this, I added about 20 ounces of frozen spinach, combined and warmed, and there was the filling.

Having allowed the philo dough to reach room temperature, I layered 10 sheets for the bottom layer interspersed with brushing of olive oil, then spinach mixture stuffing, followed by another ten layers of olive oil brushed layers of philo. Brush the top with an egg yolk and cream, then bake for 30 minutes or so.

Looks good–and yeah, it is.


Easy but not simple, there are now about 10 pieces safely frozen for another day…or guests. I think these would go super nicely with the merguez lamb sausages I have in my freezer, as well.

Along with the spanakopita, I made a new dish with a new ingredient, using Kamut (a brand name) for a generic wheat product called ‘khorasan’, which cooks quite similarly to bulgur or kashi, though it takes up to an hour to cook it to its optimum crunchiness.

With a simple dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, cumin, and salt and pepper, the garnishing with cilantro and toasted almonds and Zante currants is a flavor bomb that absolutely killed at our table tonight.


All from the Mediterranean Menus Cuisine at Home Special Magazines.

Special note–even though many of the recipes included here are touted as Mediterranean and ‘healthy’, the calorie contents of a lot of these recipes is pretty high. Word to the weight watching wise, folks.

Oh–final special note; I had some leftover chocolate ganache which I’d brought to room temperature this morning, as well as a few tablespoons of toasted almonds from the Kamut dish. I rolled the chocolate into tiny balls and rolled them in the almonds. Dessert! And frankly, how one could even think of eating a chocolate Hershey Bar with Almonds ever again is beyond my ken.